With over 20 years of experience across several industries, AI Condo offers proven best-fit security solutions for your specific needs and goals – so your business can run better, faster, more reliably, now and in the future.

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Welcome to our world of security solutions. We are on track to deliver a true Smart Community embodying convenience, real-time security and effective management at affordable prices. Feel free to reach us for more specific details!


RFID is a technology which works on radio-frequency and it is used for the auto-Identification in a range of applications, especially the Access Control Systems.


Anti-Clone System is the latest cutting-edge technology that helps mitigate the risk of your access cards from getting duplicated or copied.


CCTV gives you the ability to check in and review your premises at just one click away, so your community's security is always in reach.

Guard Tour

Guard Tour equipment and software eliminates paper load and reduces worktime, letting companies and officers focus on more significant aspects of their work.

Time Attendance

Time Attendance System essentially gives businesses everything they need to track and manage all aspects of their employees' time. These systems can log when employees start and end their day, show them their weekly schedules, and provide a portal to manage time-off requests.

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