The major problem for Condo Management today is the rampant cloning of access cards. This has led to many unauthorized people gaining access to the premises. Obviously this means a major security breach. Furthermore, it will allows errant residents who do not pay their maintenance fees, to not worry about being barred from entering. They can simply clone a valid card and enjoy unfettered access. Our solution is simply to change to non-cloneable cards.

Why should you upgrade your access control system?

Access Card cloning has become a serious concern

In this day and age, it is shockingly easy to obtain the means to card cloning equipment. Firstly those devices are easily available on online platforms for very little money. Secondly, they don’t require any deep technical knowledge to have an access card cloned in seconds.

In the old days, you would need to hunt around for a ‘service provider’ who can clone the type of card you have, and it could cost RM30 per cloned card. Now you can buy a card cloner (i.e. card duplicator) that can read and clone multiple types of access cards for the same amount of money.  To add insult to injury, the device even comes in a kit with a few free empty cards!

Checks with several locksmith shops in the city revealed that having an access cloned for you would only cost about RM10.

It’s not a huge issue if an owner resident wants to have a couple of spare cards for convenience.  But what if an owner is not a resident and rents out his property to all and sundry, dishing out new copied cards without bothering to ensure the previous occupants returned their access cards. One shudders thinking about the many cards ‘out there’, in unknown hands, people who can make their way to your door without anyone knowing. How safe do you feel for your family? Clearly there is an urgent need to stop this. 

We at AiCondo have solutions that can be tailored to your needs.

Our RFID Proximity Solution

The anti-clone RFID system

To address the issue of cards cloning, we simply develop a new RFID authentication protocol that is unlike that in the current market. However,  our equipment is compatible with most existing door controllers and locks. That means you only need to change the parts that matter. This partial swap-over means the costs of upgrading is much lower. Affordability, after all, is our tagline. 

How does it work?

Our solution is two-fold. Firstly, our cards and readers are hard-coded with a strong password. If authentication fails, the reader won’t continue reading and access is denied. Secondly, we simply don’t have blank cards.  If you can’t find a blank card in the market,  you can’t copy our card. 

Moving forwards, our commitment is to provide a best-fit solution tailored to our customers’ needs and budget. We inspect your present system and come up with an affordable solution for you. If budget is an issue, you don’t have to buy outright. Simply lease it from us on a two year tenure. After two years, the system belongs to you. 


Ensure that only those who are rightfully allowed in the compound can enter. Have peace of mind that your loved ones will not inadvertently open the door to a dangerous stranger.


If you have existing access controllers that are in good working order and you don't want the hassle of a new and different management software, chances are you can keep using it. We just change the front end security of your cards and readers.


Sacrificing security because of budgetary constraints? Not anymore with our affordable prices. Alternatively, take up our easy-entry 2-year lease plan. During the tenure, you will enjoy full warranty on your system.

Our Products


anti-clone proximity


anti-clone standalone controller


anti-clone proximity card (white)


anti-clone proximity card (black)