About Us

To meet the ever increasing demands of the security system market with dependable solutions and to stay at the top by offering the best service and support possible. We believe that excellent service and support is the key driving factor towards this goal. To stay at the top we continually source for the latest cutting-edge technologies and bring such products to the market at affordable prices.

Company Background

ABGLOBAL SDN. BHD. is a Private Limited Company incorporated in August 2000 with the intention of being the supplier of choice to the local security systems market. ​

         We entered the market when available systems were mostly analogue. However, a very strong trend moving towards Digital was apparent; particularly in CCTV systems. We were one of the early players to build our own PC based systems at a fraction of the cost of fully-imported ones and our customers enjoyed the savings.

         One thing led to another and very soon we found ourselves sourcing for and importing our own OEM range of cameras. Soon after, purpose-built Standalone Digital Video Recorders appeared and signalled the begining of the end of PC based systems. We felt we were on the right track.

         ABGLOBAL now sells it’s own OEM range of CCTV equipment ranging from simple Dome cameras to Controllable Speed Domes, Network Cameras and now High-Definition Mega-pixel IP-based CCTV cameras.

         2009 saw us offering new solution in the market was asking for. We now have web-based biometrics time attendance systems alllowing HQ to view in Real-Time, the In and Out activities at all their branches. Next, our Guard Tour Recorders with RFID technology and software reporting allows for trouble-free and in-depth reporting of Guards’ activities. You can graphically see how the guard made his round, how he went and was he on time. Finally a third product allows SMS alert reporting to selected personnel whenever certain sensors detect abnormalities. 

In 2010, we enlarged our product base by offering Long Range RFID Systems that allows cars access into restricted areas without winding down the window and presenting a card to a reader. The system read the cards or windshield sticker tags up to a distance of 12m.

Internet of Things, IoT

In 2018, in recognition of the latest  IoT solutions we brought into market a new solution for access control, designed to be card-less, secure and user friendly. AI empowered Facial Recognition System Access Control will recognize a user’s face from up to six feet away and releases the door lock. At the same time a time stamp and picture of the user is immediately uploaded to the Cloud Portal account of the client. No keys , no cards, no handphone and no cards cloning.We also  have handphone enabled devices running on Bluetooth  Low Energy 4(BLE4) to realize secure access control,duress reporting , two-way, 24×7 communication with Management and Security.Stated for release in 2019 is the solution of handphone enabled Real-time Guard Patrol, Visitor Management System as well as billing and payment.We are on track to deliver a true Smart Community embodying convenience, real-time security and effective management

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